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The Power of a Brand

If I design the very same building as Frank Gehry, his will be the one they build. If I write an identical song to Paul McCartney, his will be the one that sounds better. If I paint a canvas that rivals Picasso, his will be worth roughly a million times more than mine will. If [...]

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The Secret Second Brand You Have (And Probably Don’t Think About)

I go to the same coffee shop every day. I happen to like their coffee, but their flavored lattes are more of a secondary benefit than they are the primary motivation to get in my car and drive to a coffee shop even though there’s one that’s just as good only a few floors below me. Though this particular coffee shop tailors most of its messaging to the quality of its coffee, I’d venture to say that only a small percentage of its customers go there just because they love the coffee.

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What Should I Do With Facebook?

A few weeks ago, I embarked on The Facebook Experiment to discover what I could really do with a social network, 500 million people, and almost every brand on the planet. Since I began, I’ve uncovered some interesting uses for Facebook and had a number of incredibly exciting experiences come about entirely from making Facebook [...]

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5 Amazing Benefits of Facebook

About a week ago, I embarked on a new social experiment to explore the limits of what I could really do with Facebook. Six days in, I’ve liked over three hundred pages and interacted with almost all of them to discover five things I never knew.
1. Brands Care About Early Adopters (A Lot) – Upon [...]

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The Facebook Experiment

In 2010 with 500 million users, an upcoming movie, and a place in almost every conversation on the planet, Facebook is among the most impactful forces in the world today. Its users spend over 500 billion minutes per month posting everything from what they’re doing to photos of themselves in any situation you can imagine.
Ten [...]

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